Dance Lessons

Dance lessons can give you the skill and confidence to hit the dance floor with style on your big day. Our instructors hold over 10 years in ballroom dance experience and will create easy-to-learn choreography to showcase.
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The First Dance *
(4) private couple lessons  250
The Bridal Party
(8) 1 group lessons 400
(15) 1 hour group lessons 715
A La Carte 
(1) Private lesson (a la carte rate) 60
(1 )Group lessons (rate per person). 20


All of our dance lessons are 45 minutes. All of our dance packages are based on each couples individual needs and experience. We require a minimum of 4 lessons but a couple with little to no dance experience typically requires anywhere from 15- 20 private lessons for a simple, seamless and elegant first dance.

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact us